i love

taking photographs


interpreting my son's drawings :: taping them on the wall


opening an invitation for the first time

french fries

an intense workout

cold weather

an extra thick milkshake


designing for friends

swimming laps

a fresh haircut

being preggers

giada's chicken tetrazzini

my dog

singing in a choir :: singing with my family

planning a party

road trips :: hotel rooms

fresh pasta

being woken up at 1am as my son crawls into our bed

coffee jelly milk tea

cookie magazine :: domino magazine

discovering a good restaurant

framing photos + artwork


freddy mercury's voice

my boys growing up close to their grandparents

listening to the rain


freshly squeezed texas oj

vacationing with my in-laws :: vacationing with friends

interior design

baking with my son

a scrub at the Korean sauna

bing cherries

not being able to put down a good book

lao lao's cooking

sprint triathlons :: adventure racing

japanese packaging

ordering dessert

watching a dvd in bed with hubs

flip flops

handmade gifts

paris :: hawaii :: florence :: taipei

whipped cream frosting


watching a tv series on dvd :: marathon weekends


the sound of my boys calling me

soy chai

an early morning run

lotus flowers