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peilin and winnie

My decade-old website, designed and built by yours truly, has been way overdue for a makeover. Set on a dark background with silly rollover mechanics, it was simply amateurish. Thankfully, it also lacked gorgeous photography, sophistication and any sense of panache.

I spent hours searching high and low for a photography team (photographer + stylist) who could help me create a site that was simple, clean and different than all the other wedding sites out there. I strongly believed that the photographs had to set just the right tone, so I needed to find like-minded professionals who 'got' me and could my bring my vision to light.

Enter Peilin and Winnie.

Dubbed the 'Dynamic Duo' by moi, I won't go into how I found them, only that I believe fate was squarely on my side when I did. Winnie, a photographer, and Peilin, a stylist, have been working together for years and specialize in high-end food photography. I knew I wanted the photos to have an editorial and documentary-like feel to them. Rather than shoot an invitation straight on, I wanted it in placed in a setting so that it told a story, like a character in a play. Food styling followed that concept very closely.

After spending time with both, I knew that Peilin was precisely the kind of talented and discriminating stylist who could visually articulate my stories, and that Winnie was the only photographer who could capture them so beautifully.

I was completely thrown for a loop by the process. Unlike standard photoshoots where I'd spend hours planning in preproduction meetings, creating thumbnails, approving prop lists, shopping for props, here I was able to sit back, relax and trust. In fact, I had very little to do with the art direction, spending maybe an hour or so with them during the first photoshoot, and leaving them alone for the second and third.

It's rare in this business to find creatives who not only share similar taste and style, but more importantly, are dependable, professional, talented and trustworthy. Not only were they my Dream Team, Peilin and Winnie impressed me the most with their generosity, passion and kind spirit.

The photographs speak for themselves, but I would be remiss if I didn't speak about the two who created them.

To you, Peilin and Winnie, I am eternally grateful.

Welcome to my new website: lotus & november.