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Since his days as a three year-old preschooler, Bao's Valentine's Day card to his classmates comprised of a themed doodle drawn by him, then scanned, laid out, printed and trimmed by me. The cards were unique and personal, and they also became keepsake art pieces that would be carefully filed into his scrapbook for posterity. (For now, they're all sitting in a pile in my work drawer). Admittedly, it was a lot of work...for me.

So this year, I decided that it was time to teach him the basics of my trade - graphic design + production - so that he can make his own cards and learn an important skill that can carry him through school projects and reports for years to come. For a couple of hours, we sat down in front of the computer and I taught him how to use Adobe Illustrator to draw his very own Valentine's Day card. 

He drew a card for the girls...

...and one for the boys.

(His teacher and her assistants will receive two-sided cards with each printed on either side.)

For safety reasons, the cards were printed and trimmed by me (that's another lesson to be given few years down the line), but for the most part, he painted, copy and pasted, typed and colored on the trackpad all by himself.

We created an assembly line to package the Valentines: plastic sleeves held a card, a few tattoos, and a piece of caramel or a lollipop.

This year, unlike the years before, he did 75% of the work.

Not bad considering the years before I was the one doing 75% of his work.

Of course, whatever Big Bro does Little Bro must do. Even though he hasn't started preschool yet, DD made his very own Valentine's Day card (based on Bao's drawings and with my help) and packaged them himself – one for each of his very own three friends.