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what got the ball rolling

November3 wrote about our dead TV which has led to our non-voluntary boob tube hiatus currently in progress. I used to get therapy from our DVR after a day's work (ie, the dudes are finally out). As a result, I've spent the last two weeks on the computer at night either working, surfing (Gilt and One Kings Lane are evil!) or nursing my new addiction: reading blogs. I gotta say, there are some freakin' creative people out there with much to say. As it turns out, most of the blogs I've read are by women, moms in particular: writers, photographers, crafters, do-it-yourselfers, designers - so, so impressive.

One particular blogger touched my heart in ways I never thought an online journal ever could. (And oh if I could take a photo like she does...) If you have a big chunk of time, you can read her story here. Maybe have a box of tissue nearby. The key is to read it with full attention. You can't watch Terms of Endearment or Kramer vs. Kramer half-assed, and you shouldn't read this story half-assed. Having gone through a pretty harrowing experience, her story inspired me. (The soundtrack adds an extra tug or two on your heartstrings.) But you don't have to go through anything traumatic to appreciate the lesson she learned. 

I guess you could say reading about her one defining moment was what got the ball rolling for me. If she could affect me in this way - a person I've never even heard of or met - how would my boys be affected when they one day read this? Will they roll their eyes in embarrassment or thank me for cataloging our life in bits and pieces? Will they brush me off as their loony old lady or cherish each word, thought and photo? The answers remain to be seen, but my guess is they will roll their eyes and call me loony a few times before they realize otherwise.



i'm so excited and i just can't hide it!

[Posted by the Occasional Blogger: November3]

TV crapped out last week. We try to turn the sucker on and all we get in return is a loud, annoying buzzing sound.

[Pic of the TV with the boys. Can you guess who's the culprit?]

Normally, I'd be freaking.  Big time.  Who's Jack going to kill next on 24 and does it promise to involve sticking a bamboo up the arse?  Are Bill, Barb, Nicki, and Margene going to get oily and naked on Big Love?  Will Ellen and Patty finally poke each other's eyes out on Damages?  Inquiring Novembers want to know!!

But, I'm not freaking. I no freaky freaky because the mechanical failure of our 46" Samsung DLP means it's time to usher in the age of the 58" Samsung Plasma, which we'll affectionally nickname PN58B860.

Oh, PN58B860, how we will love thee and not just because of thy 3-year in-home warranty!

Watching DLP is like listening to 8-track.  Outdated.  Outmoded.  Outhouse, baby!

My only regret is that the DLP didn't crap out sooner so that we could've watched the Super Bowl on PN58B860.

For those of you who want to follow suit, I read just about every self-proclaimed expert and reviewer review out there.  Here's my summary.  Panasonics start out great, but their blacks fade quickly over time and Panny won't fix it.  Vizio - you get what you pay for.  Pioneer kuro Elite - hands down the best set out there but I want to send my kids to college before we croak.

So where to buy?  Go to Amazon and their link to Buy.com lists for $2177.  No tax and that includes shipping.  You can also snag a 3-year warranty for $139, which is a steal.

I have officially saved you four months of research, my friends.  Join in the PN58B860 revolution and enjoy the finest viewing experience money can buy without mortgaging your chill-renz futures!