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travel journal kit

On a recent trip to the East Coast, I thought it was a good time for Bao to start a travel journal. At seven years old, not only can he write complete sentences and form complete thoughts, he was old enough to understand what journaling meant, having kept one in his first grade class. In the past, he's blown through many notebooks in attempts to begin journaling. However, the books always ended up scribbled in, ripped apart, tossed aside, and ultimately discarded in the recycling bin.

Before we left, I made several of these travel journal kits, one each for the boys, my goddaughter and her sister, who we were visiting. Each kit includes a durable zipper pouch that holds a simple composition book, a box of roller gel pens, a nylon pouch for souvenirs/ticket stubs/keepsakes, and (not shown) a tape dispenser and a few packets of stickers – all purchased at Target for less than $12 per kit.

To make it special, I designed tags and labels for each item and zipped everything up in the personalized pouches. The kits were packable, easy to tote around, and ready for all their future entries.

This time, to avoid the journals from being scribbled in, ripped up, tossed aside and discarded, I'll only pull them out when we journey on our travels.



packing cubes

Recently, my friend Eugenie, who also travels a lot with her two young boys, turned me on to these awesome packing cubes by Eagle Creek. They have revolutionized and enhanced our travels to the nth degree.

Apparently, these little babies have been around forever, but I've never noticed them in the organize-your-travel aisles or sites. It bums me out how many vacations we've taken without them.

Tonight, we're going to the Hollywood Bowl for the Star Wars in Concert show, and I'm using them to pack our jackets, scarves, hats and mittens in preparation for the chilly night ahead. They'll keep our overstuffed backpack organized and tidy, and with six hyper boys in tow, it'll be one less thing to think about.

If you travel a lot or travel with kids, then these will make your traveling lives even better.

If you avoid traveling with kids like the plague (totally understandable), then these will make you a little less weary and your experience a little more enjoyable.

Currently, my beloved Container Store is carrying these cubes at a whopping 25% off during their Organized Traveler Sale. You won't find them cheaper anywhere else. It goes on until the end of June.

Run to The Container Store, people, and stock up!