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fine dining

Here's our formula for a fine dining experience with kids.

1. Buy some inexpensive, reusable totes. Lightweight and loud designs impress best.

Tip: One for each kid or you will incite a riot. Either that or a tantrum.

2. Stock up on inexpensive supplies. One for each kid, to be safe (see tip above).

I like art and learning tools or anything that resembles a miniature version of a grownup's (ie, the dry erase board kit on the left).

Pssst...Most items pictured above were purchased for 25¢ each at our beloved Target. The $1 bin was on 75% clearance! What luck!

3. Fill the bags with select age-appropriate swag.

However, don't go too crazy on the age-appropriate rule - if the younger one spots something the older one has and it's not in his bag, chaos will ensue and your fine dining experience will be obliterated. Be selective but smart (ie, one protracter per kid, no matter what the age.)

Tip: Don't use up all of your stash at one time, spread them out amongst a few special occasions. Three to four items per bag should cover one meal's worth of entertainment.

4. Hand the bags to each kid before dining and bon appétit!