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sunday morning

October 16.  Succulents.

11:19 am.  

The two bigs love to visit this succulent shop set in an Airstream bus. It is the coolest, most visually-appealing place.



sunday morning

May 23.  10:26am.  Breakfast adventures.

Selling succulents in an Airstream bus. One of the most creative florist shops I've seen.

A tree made out of rusted metal with giant leaves made out of felt.

Waiting for a table at a breakfast favorite located in one of the most picturesque spots in town.

The wait is too long so we walk across the road to eat at another fave.

After breakfast, we re-cross the road with the fastest cross walk sign in the world. We literally step off and the red hand starts flashing.

Thankfully, we survive the crossing and stop in American Apparel (the ugly building above). Can't resist what we find hanging on the rack. Laughter quota for the day is fulfilled.

He doesn't think it's so funny though.