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To show our first grade teacher, Mrs. S., how much the kids appreciated her, the class presented her with a special year-end gift which included:

  • A photobook showcasing all the highlights, parties, holidays and special occasions throughout the year. The book is produced by my favorite photobook maker, MyPublisher, whose quality is unsurpassed.
  • An audio CD filled with voice messages from each student (and a few parents and siblings) to Mrs. S. The CD is produced by a wonderful company called SpeakSake. Check them out if you want a meaningful and unique gift.
  • A gift card tucked in a handmade and personalized enclosure.
  • A poem.



sweet gift

Let's face it - finding a great teacher gift can be a difficult feat. How do you rightfully express gratitude to your precious child's teacher who tirelessly gives your child so much?

The answer our kindergarten class came up with is in the form of a collective gift - books compiled by the students and their families that include sweet notes and sweet recipes for a pair of sweet, sweet teachers. Today, we present them.

It is the perfect expression of gratitude: each student writing in his/her own words. Eleven months ago they entered kindergarten, some barely reciting the alphabet. Now they've become readers and writers ready and waiting to tackle the next rung: the mammoth First Grade.


Photos by Joyce Yu ~ Thank you for beautifully documenting this occasion for those who couldn't attend. Books inspired by Sally Shim.