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an hour

10:26am + jetlag. We begin the morning (a little late) at our usual breakfast joint and pass the hour with our usual activities.

Not sure why they're looking since we always get the same items: spinach and bacon soufflé, toasted cinnamon crunch bagel with plain cream cheese, orange cranberry muffin and coffee in a mug for Lao Lao.

After we order, find a table, fill the coffee mug and water cups, stock up on napkins, spread the bagel, cut the soufflé into triangles, unline the muffin and begin to eat, I go next door for my usual grande soy no water chai.

10:57am. We finish eating and ditch our table for some fresh air and exercise. So we head to the usual fountain.

And climb the usual steps.

A quick cuddle...

...and an impromptu smooch.

11:16am. An unusual break: I never thought anyone could outlast the big one but it looks like his little bro is giving him a run for his money.

11:23am. Next we walk to the supermarket on the other side of the parking lot. It seems we're always running out of something. So we grab our usual cart and they assume their usual positions.

Entering our favorite aisle:  the baking needs.

Today I stock up on butter and powdered sugar. I promised my friend for her son's birthday that I'd make cupcakes with buttercream frosting and pipe cookies with royal icing. Did I mention I've never done either? Wish me luck.

11:29am. Check out and head home.