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sunday night

November 14.  7:48pm.




The only good thing about Lao Lao moving out is that the boys started sharing a room. It's been four nights and so far, I'm 2-and-2. Meaning: two nights I enjoyed uninterrupted sleep, and two nights I was startled awake by a child staring wide-eyed at me in the dark. Creepy.

But this is not about me and my beauty rest. It's about their fraternal bond - one that hopefully will get greater and stronger with each passing night. So far they're off to a good start; the novelty of sleeping together has not yet worn off. While the big one feels comforted having another warm body to nudge against, the little one can't wait to jump into the big boy bed that lays regally next to his jail-like crib.

Every night since the first, I've snuck in as they lie in deep slumber and stared wide-eyed at them. Sigh. I could literally stare for hours. One night we even caught them holding hands in their sleep, but by the time I affixed the camera on the tripod, they'd shifted positions and I cursed myself and the damn tripod for missing such a moment.

Tonight is a new night. Let's hope my stats improve.



sunday morning

April 25.  7:25am.  It's rare when he falls back to sleep after yelling his way in.

So nice when it happens next to me.

Then he nudges me off and I'm wide awake.