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reading nook 2

I secretly took these photos of the boys spending a quiet moment in their reading nook before bedtime.

My best friend once told me how special it was when her oldest child started reading bedtime stories to his siblings. At the time, I couldn't imagine my oldest reading, let alone confidently to his younger brother.

But as I snuck away from the door, I heard my oldest's whispers drowning out the silence:

"Good night moon. Good night cow jumping over the moon..."

I turned to look back in the room and there they were, side-by-side. One confidently reading those familiar lines as the other playfully mimicked, hanging on his brother's every word. The way he was reading - the intonations, the lyrical lifts, the pauses - was so familiar. Only then did I realize that he was mimicking us in the same way his little brother was mimicking him. I was so touched that I forgot to snap a picture, even though the camera rested heavily in my hand.

A moment to be treasured. Music to my ears.



reading nook

When my brother and I were kids, my mom often took us to the local library. I'd create my own reading nook between the stacks and shelves and would spend hours flipping through pages, combing through book spines, and selectively stacking the ones I'd check out.

Bookstores have become my kids' reading nook of choice. Case in point: Barnes and Nobles. Do they not have the coolest children's section or what?

I should probably support our local library, especially since there may come a day when libraries become obsolete. But when B&N is closer, more prevalent, more kid-friendly and easier to find than our local branch, I find myself choosing this convenience over my conviction and my need for nostalgia.