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sweet summer tradition

Every summer in our kitchen we bake at least one fruit crisp. Our favorite topping recipe is from Ina's Peach and Raspberry Crisp and we usually change the filling to whatever fresh fruit is in the fridge. This time, we had a ton of plums from a friend's tree and a bag of not-so-sweet-but-ridiculously-expensive Bing cherries. What to do with uneaten cherries and overly ripe plums? Bake them together into a crisp. The sweet, juicy plums and the tart, plump cherries create a syrupy sweet and colorful combination. Top that off with an extra thick layer of oatmeal crust baked golden brown (according to November3, the ratio of crust to fruit has to be 3:1), served à la mode (I prefer coffee), and it's sweet summer in every bite.