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an hour

As the younger sibling, DD has so far lived his life shuttling his big brother around — school drop offs and pick ups, after school activities, lessons, classes, just to name a few. He's tagged along and can tell you all the names of his brothers' teachers and friends, can navigate to our destinations better than our GPS, and has watched with envy as his brother jumps from one fun activity to another. If you ask him when it will be his turn, he'll confidently reply, "When I'm a big boy."

And then Playball came along.

At the invitation of his friend, Max and Max's mom, we signed up for Playball as a once-a-week activity through our city community services. What started out as a class to kill some time and get some exercise, has quickly become DD's favorite activity to date.

The best part is that this is a class meant only for him. No big brothers or baby brothers. Just him, his very own friends, his very own coach and a plethora of games and bouncy balls.

Playball is fueled by Coach Nancy's boundless energy, sharp wit and inventive tactics.

She teaches them how to refine their hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor skills through various ball games.

She also has them clean up after each game. My favorite skill.

Lao Lao strolls baby brother, current shuttler and future Playballer.

On this day, his big brother has joined in on his class, for once as his guest.

For an hour, he is the one being shuttled, watched and envied by us.

For this hour, he is the big boy.