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sunday evening

June 26.  On the menu for dinner: DIY pizza!

5:04 pm.  Shaping the dough...

...or playing with it.

Tonight, the toppings include: white (béchemal) sauce; 3 kinds of cheeses (goat, chedder and mozz); sliced cherry tomatoes; caramelized shallots and mushrooms in a red wine reduction; chicken apple sausage slices; wasabi arugula tossed with a lemon parmesan vinaigrette (for the grownup pizzas).

5:12 pm.  Into the oven for 12 minutes. Big bro's on the left; little's on the right.

5:27 pm.  Voilà!

Can't resist the mini rolling pin.

It is so true that kids are more interested in their food when they are involved in the process of making it. My two picky eaters gobbled theirs up.

5:42 pm.  We had some leftover dough so Big bro suggested making a dessert pizza, which he sprinkled with the cinnamon/sugar/salt mix from our cookies.

6:04 pm.  Voilà! voilà!

6:05 pm.  Customary after-dinner goof-off time. Here they are waiting, with bated breath, for the dessert pizza to cool.