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School project #3:  Make an art project based on his Animal Report.

The Parrot is his animal and he wanted to make it out of clay. While I'm not a parent who likes to overtake my child's art project (a hard thing to resist), I admit that Dad and I had a hand in helping him with this one. I bought all the supplies at Michael's and covered the shoebox with construction paper, and Dad helped shape the nest and the parrot's body and head with three feathers on top. Everything else was done by June29, including the design, art direction, most of the scissoring and all of the glueing.

It wasn't accomplished without a lot of arguing and negotiating though.

At first he drew a picture of the parrot (see background of above photo) but when asked if he was proud of it, he bluntly said, "No. I didn't really try that hard." So my excitement for a completed project one week ahead of schedule was completely obliterated and I knew he wanted to step it up a couple of notches.

Here he is taking the model to school this morning. I about crapped my pants at least 99 times thinking he was going to drop it on the way there.

When he arrived at school, lots of his friends surrounded him and oooh'd and aaah'd at the sight of it. Not because it was spectacular, but really because it was just big.

He named his project "Petey the Parrot."

I think he was proud of it.


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