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sunday morning

May 1.  9:06am.

My kids are not great eaters.

They eat when they're hungry and turn food away when they're not. They won't sit at the table for hours on end, happily chomping away before finally being denied any more; you know, those kids who make what they're eating look so yummy that I want to scoot in and chomp on some too. My kids can't wait to bolt from the table when they're done. And it's usually in under five minutes.

I am not a great feeder.

Unlike Lao Lao, who is a truly dedicated feeder and who I admire tremendously for it, I won't chase after them with a spoon full of dinner. Likewise, I won't argue with, badger or beg them at the table. If they say they're full, then I excuse them. If they say they're hungry later on, then I say, "Too bad for you."

So it makes me very happy when they enjoy eating something, regardless of whether I made it or not. It makes me triumphant when they enjoy eating something healthy, like this morning's breakfast oatmeal.

I simmered it in milk and added paper thin slices of banana and a heaping spoonful of flax meal.

They, in turn, drowned it in maple syrup.


At least it's organic maple.