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an hour

Watching Bao in rehearsal for the school's Spring musical production.

As a second grader, he can only be a member of the choir. But there's enough singing and dancing to satisfy any budding actor. The idea is to get the younger kids used to being in a musical so that by the time they are Upper Graders (grades 4-6) they can audition for roles and perform on stage. 

I think it's a great way for the younger kids to get involved in the arts, be inspired to strive for bigger and better as they climb the school ranks, and conquer any insecurities or fears.  

DD, who is the shy observer type, was mesmorized. He knew all the songs from listening to the CD and swayed to the music as they rehearsed. By the time he starts elementary school, maybe he'll want to join in on the fun.

Heck, it made even me - who never once considered doing anything of the sort - wish that I had been a part of my school's musical.