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sunday afternoon

June 6.  1pm-ish.  Time to work.

Like most people, I live for the weekend. While the rest of the week may be filled with classes, meetings and school playgrounds, I like to reserve Saturdays and Sundays for family time with the occasional birthday party or meal with friends.

But on rare occasions, the weekend hours become crunch time for me to fit in as much work as possible, mostly due to my tendency to procrastinate which inevitably leads to mini panic attacks. Take for instance, the upcoming birthday party for June29. It is now into the second week of June and I have yet to mail out the invitations. Ironically, I've been planning his party in my head for the last couple of months. Somehow, time just sped by and now it's 20 days away and - despite being barely organized enough to secure a park permit - no guests have been invited.

Sensing my panic in that telepathic spousal way (or maybe it's because he was sick of me freaking out), November3 graciously offered to take the boys to visit Ah-Ma while I sacrifice my Sunday afternoon preparing for the party.

I spend two blissful hours in Joann's with no child tugging at my shirt or complaining how boring it is. Joann's boring? I don't think so.

I spend three non-interrupted hours crafting the invite, cutting out 20 with my trusty exacto knife and straight-edge and singing along to Voice of the Beehive with no child being threatened to have his eye poked out by me this time.

Seven hours later, the boys are still out of the house and I have accomplished more than I ever could have with them in it. Nevermind my sore back from hunching over a much too low table, my weakened state from skipping dinner, or Adonis Blue being stuck in my head because it was looped on repeat. Now when the boys come home I will tuck them into bed knowing that I won't be distracted or worried about the next thing I need to finish. Instead I'll be free to live in the moment and focus on those who matter the most.

At least until my next deadline.

Love my new mouse pad