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lunch date

The other day, DD and I had a nice lunch date with Hoffmom and Son. For the first hour or so, the boys kept to themselves, glancing at each other every once in a while in that shy, non-familiar way. It's not like they never met before but it had been a while.

By the second hour, Hoffmom and I couldn't keep them apart. By the time we hit the gelato shop, DD couldn't stop following Hoffson or giving him bear hugs.

DD doesn't have many buddies of his own - he's not in preschool, doesn't belong to a playgroup (unlike his brother), and seriously thinks his brother's friends are "his friends" - so it was nice to see him having a great time with a buddy his age. One that he now calls his friend.

We have to get them together more often, Hoffmom.

Today is Hoffmom's birthday. Happy birthday, my friend!