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wrap 004

To wrap this year's plethora of Christmas gifts, I made my own wrapping paper. Click here for the details.



wrap 003

As a kid, I grew up with the tradition of receiving money as gifts. Holidays, birthdays, any celebration and milestone meant that my brother and I would amass a collection of "hong baos" (red envelopes) filled with cash. In Chinese culture, receiving red envelopes is an extreme honor bestowed only upon children or the unmarried (or engaged). So it always stumped me how Emily Post and the Etiquette Queens would deem gifting money or gift cards as impersonal or downright offensive. Who wouldn't want to be handed cold, hard cash?

Fortunately, times have changed. These days, giving money or gift cards is more acceptable. It's certainly more practical. In fact, this tradition was so ingrained in me and gave me so much joy growing up, it has become my preferred gift to give, especially when it's a gift for a kid.

Thanks to my friend, Lisamay, who gave me this idea - I swap the red envelope for a homemade card holder and stack it on top of a bundle of giftwrapped chocolate bars for instant gratification.

I finish it off with some baker's twine and a personalized gift tag.

Special. Practical. Presentable. Sweet.



wrap 002

To show our first grade teacher, Mrs. S., how much the kids appreciated her, the class presented her with a special year-end gift which included:

  • A photobook showcasing all the highlights, parties, holidays and special occasions throughout the year. The book is produced by my favorite photobook maker, MyPublisher, whose quality is unsurpassed.
  • An audio CD filled with voice messages from each student (and a few parents and siblings) to Mrs. S. The CD is produced by a wonderful company called SpeakSake. Check them out if you want a meaningful and unique gift.
  • A gift card tucked in a handmade and personalized enclosure.
  • A poem.



wrap 001

Lots of birthday parties this time of year and one could go crazy on all the wrapping paper and ribbons.

I like to keep it simple. Kraft paper and Japanese washi tape go a long way and will stand out in a sea of birthday presents.

Recently, I stocked up on a bunch of rolls of colored kraft paper on clearance at Michael's. Here, I used the orange roll to wrap the gift and laid down different color washi tape in a pattern that resembles a ribbon-tied present. I used my tag punch to create gift tags and attached them onto the box with some baker's twine and a couple of strips of washi tape.

Simple and simple.