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cheesyful cake

Bao's latest obsession is Geronimo Stilton's The Quest for Paradise. He's read it cover to cover 3-4 times. In the book is a recipe for a Cheesyful Cake so we decided to try it out yesterday, during his day off from school. What I thought was a simple cheesecake recipe turned out to take half the day and utilized nearly all of my kitchen appliances.

A Cheesyful Cake consists of four layers. 

The first layer is the graham crack crust.

Neither of them wanted to get their hands dirty so they're faking it here.

The second layer is the cheesecake filling.

Spiderman made an appearance during a break, as the second layer was baking in the oven.

The third layer is a sour cream topping - safe for licking off the paddle.

As hard as it was for me to watch and not intervene, Bao had full control of the topping spread.

Like I said, hard for me to watch.

The last and most anticipatory layer is the chocolate layer.

Again, safe for ingestion. Or so one would think. 

Of course with any cake comes some kind of celebration. So Bao suggested we present the cake to Dad for a "Closest to Baba's Birthday" celebration, since Dad's was the next one up (albeit in three months but who's counting?)

The cake was definitely cheesyful.

And decadent.

And complex.

And worthy of all celebrations.