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love letter

Dear Emersonmade,

I am writing this letter because I am in love with you. You're exquisite and divine, and just looking at you makes me happy.

When I first learned of you here, I was intrigued by your beauty. How lovely would it be to hold you against my heart? With pure delight, I squealed when I discovered you at my door step. As I uncovered and peered inside, my heart skipped a beat. Blooms! I was smitten.

Immediately, you fit in. 

You fascinated my little boy, who's curiosity left you in danger.

You captivated my middle boy, who just couldn't get enough.

You charmed my big boy, who questioned your motives. "Boys don't wear flowers," he proclaimed. Then he met you and I pinned him. "Hey, that's not so bad."

I'm happy that you're in our lives. That you belong to me. You chase away the dreary and add some fluff and flair.

Who said boys can't wear flowers?



Me and my Emersonmade family