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danny returns

It's December! Time to celebrate the anticipated return of Danny, our house guest from the North Pole.

Appointed by Santa to live in our house until the Eve, Danny watches us. He knows when we're good or bad and he reports back to Santa every few nights. He appears in different places, perched throughout our home, and keeps us on our toes as we mind our manners and guess his next furtive move.

Because our house is a magical place, we leave notes and sweets for Danny before bedtime. In the morning, we find drawings, thank you notes, and even letters from Santa praising our good behavior or keeping us in check.

Danny knows everything.

The boys can't touch him, for fear of ridding his magic. But Danny is sneaky. He finds ways to show us his love.

You simply can't believe how powerful his elfin magic really is. He puts a spell on us and gloriously, we wake up in the morning cheerfully, brush our teeth effortlessly, and share our toys willingly.

At least for the month of December.