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eat what you make what you eat

Husband gave me the idea for tonight's dinner. He wanted a frittata. So during the day, I slow-roasted tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms in order to add some umami to the eggs, but I knew in the back of my mind that I was taking a risk with the boys not eating any of it.

Then it occured to me - what if we each made our own mini frittatas?

We've had "Make Your Own Pizza" nights and "Make Your Own Sushi" nights, and those dinners were always a hit with the boys because they were in control of their food. They'll eat what they made because they make what they'll eat.

Tonight was no different.

The minis, a success.



spaghetti frittata

Tonight's dinner consists of the one rare dish my picky kids will actually devour and clean plate:  Frittata made with leftover spaghetti. 

I added sautéed veggies (red swiss chard, mustard greens, onions and garlic) in a soy sauce and chicken broth reduction, and topped it off with a mix of gruyère, chedder and parmesan. 

And because a new CSA box was delivered this morning – oh, the excitement of uncovering its contents! – I threw together a salad of organic lettuce, radicchio and Cara Cara orange wedges, sprinkled it generously with chopped pistachios (because everything tastes better with pistachios),

and tossed it lovingly with a lemon honey mustard vinaigrette – much to the protestation of my seven year-old who asked why he can't have it with Ranch dressing. Guess what recipe I'll be searching online for next?

Thus, resulting in a no-leftovers kind of meal. Yay!



sunday evening

June 26.  On the menu for dinner: DIY pizza!

5:04 pm.  Shaping the dough...

...or playing with it.

Tonight, the toppings include: white (béchemal) sauce; 3 kinds of cheeses (goat, chedder and mozz); sliced cherry tomatoes; caramelized shallots and mushrooms in a red wine reduction; chicken apple sausage slices; wasabi arugula tossed with a lemon parmesan vinaigrette (for the grownup pizzas).

5:12 pm.  Into the oven for 12 minutes. Big bro's on the left; little's on the right.

5:27 pm.  Voilà!

Can't resist the mini rolling pin.

It is so true that kids are more interested in their food when they are involved in the process of making it. My two picky eaters gobbled theirs up.

5:42 pm.  We had some leftover dough so Big bro suggested making a dessert pizza, which he sprinkled with the cinnamon/sugar/salt mix from our cookies.

6:04 pm.  Voilà! voilà!

6:05 pm.  Customary after-dinner goof-off time. Here they are waiting, with bated breath, for the dessert pizza to cool.