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unexpected turn

[by me + him]

Christmas took an unexpected turn this year when our two year-old was hospitalized three days before Santa's scheduled visit.

What was initially diagnosed at the ER as a harmless ear infection, graduated rapidly into an unadulterated and full-blown tag team between bronchiolitis and pneumonia. Not good. Not fun.

To remark that seeing your child in a hospital crib with tubes sticking out of his nose, feet and hands is heartwrenching is beyond understatement.

What was even more so was seeing our little one at home in the days leading up, feverish on the couch with labored breaths and the energy sucked right out.

After five long nights, he was discharged and sent home with a sparkling new nebulizer – chauffered curbside by kiddie wagon.

In the end, it didn't matter that it was Christmas or that he couldn't open his gifts on time or that we weren't all together. All that mattered was that he was in a safe place, that he was made better, and that his family was at home waiting for him.

Talk about a Christmas we'll always remember.

Sometimes the happy times are made happiest by tackling the challenges that life cranks out.


tonight :: 1st night sharing a room in a long time