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captain america

Our very own Captain America turned four today.

What's a birthday without sharing with friends?

Happy #4, DD!


sunday morning

November 6.

Today, I turned 40. Big number. Big milestone. Big deal. Or so I thought it'd be. Now that the day has come, turns out it's really, just another day.

But this morning I saw a sight that made me realize I did hit a milestone. It had nothing to do with me, however, and everything to do with my kids.

After hearing some suspicious noises coming from the kitchen, I quietly snuck in to spy on the two Bigs. DD was sitting at the dining table eating, while Bao was standing on a dining chair in front of the toaster oven. 

Apparently, after they finished watching a Clone Wars dvd - Husband and I were upstairs doing some work - they found themselves hungry so they turned off the TV and moved to the kitchen where Bao proceeded to make a snack for each of them. He managed to get the bread from the fridge (first suspicious noise), work the toaster oven (second suspicious noise), remove a fancy plate from the cupboard (third suspicious noise), spread Nutella on the toasted slice of bread, bring it on a plate and place it in front his brother who was waiting patiently at the dining table. By the time I came downstairs to spy, DD was munching away happily and Bao was waiting at the counter for his slice to finish toasting. 

I was floored. Could it really be so? Are my boys really growing up this quickly?

I choke up as I write this because I know it really is so. For the first time I witnessed a moment when the two helpless boys I spent so much time and energy helping are suddenly able to help themselves. It was the kind of milestone I never expected to reach on my birthday, but one that I expected we'd reach soon enough.

I believe at first Bao was nervous when he saw me watching them from afar. For so long, I supervised in the kitchen and this was the first time he did something for himself and his brother without me hovering nearby. The fact that he didn't come upstairs to ask for permission meant that he wanted to do it himself, and I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride that maybe I did do something right.

I noticed DD's slice of bread was not really toasted but flimsy and limp. When I asked how he made his brother's toast, Bao explained that he didn't want to burn DD's mouth so he only toasted it a little. 

Please, someone pass me a tissue.



big four oh

Tartine's Lemon Cream Tart for the Big 4-0.


39, one year ago.



sunday afternoon

August 21.  Birthday party at the park.

12:34 pm.

2:03 pm.

 6pm-ish.  Dinner with our pilgrims.



seven years ago

Seven years ago today, in the early morning hours, my big boy was born. Without getting too sentimental or sappy, I must say that I can't believe it's been seven years. In the blink of an eye.

I love throwing parties but doing so every year is a bit too much for me. So this year we're keeping things simple - Disneyland during the day, dinner and a cake with the family at night.

For his birthday present, I thought I'd try something different. He always asks about my job - "making cards for other people" - so for his seventh, I made some special ones just for him.

I designed a set of four cards, sandwiched them in between two sheets of Japanese washi paper, and enclosed them in a kraft box that I recycled from a previous gift.

When he opens his present in the morning, it should go something like this:

Tickets to Les Mis and a week's worth of iPad time - two presents for the price of one! Sort of. (Not counting the 99¢ apps...)

I want to make sure he knows how proud we are of him, of all that he's become. So included is a card that literally shows who he is; a card that he can read on his own:

The only request he made is to have breakfast in bed on his birthday. After tucking them into bed, I sat down at my desk and found this laying on my keyboard:

"Please don't forget Bao is eating in bed It's my birthday! Flip the page...Menu I want pancakes"

I think I can handle that, Son.