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first bloom

I was once an orchid killer. I've off'd many over the years with my pitch black thumbs.

But I am an orchid killer no more. The first bud sprouted when Spring rolled around, and my first bloom appeared today. Its deliciously perfect purple face stared right at us during bath time.

And we couldn't help but stare right back.



sunday night

August 1.  8:13pm.  We had a late start for bath time which is usually around 7:30. After a whirlwind weekend of wedding events, the boys were ready to hit the sack.

The little one hates having his face washed. You can't tell here but he is screaming his head off. The big one is holding his breath under water, trying to break his PR of 38 seconds.

He broke it at 41.



left eye

This shot of my boys almost didn't exist. Luck allowed me to snap it. Hours before, I was nearly blinded for the second time in my life. This time by my youngest, the innocent-looking one in the front.

The first time happened four years ago. I was sitting on the ground with my first-born — then 15 months-old — in my lap, who was holding the ever-faithful Snack Trap in his busy little hands. I didn't think anything of him bouncing it up and down on his criss-cross-apple-sauce legs until suddenly and swiftly, he bounced the handle smack into my left eye and shattered my hard (gas-permeable) contact lens into what felt like a million bits of shrapnel. His aim had to have been spot on seeing how my eye is only so big. And with the edge of a plastic handle no less.

I truly believed, in the seconds following, that my life in color was over. To say that I freaked out is an understatement.

Called hubs who was out-of-town. He freaked out. Called my mom who was 400 miles away. She freaked out. Finally called a friend who immediately came over to watch the little perp while I drove to my doctor's with one eye open. (Unbeknownst to me, hubs called his mom who, while freaking out, drove 50 miles in record speed to my rescue. By the time she arrived, my friend was already there so she made sure we were okay, turned around and drove right back.)

That doctor's visit was memorable. You know you're really lucky when the optometrist can't hide her shock and spent over an hour picking out more than 20 millimeter-sized fragments with a Q-tip.

Fast forward to present day, hours before taking this snapshot.

We finished our dinner and were waiting for dessert. To keep the little one occupied, I let him stand on the booth seat and, in an uncharacteristic moment of laxity (or maybe because I was just so tired), allowed him to play with the dessert utensils lying in wait on the table. Note: There is a reason why they say don't let your kids play with sharp objects; it's not for their benefit, it's for yours. Suddenly I found myself in a familiar position: my 17 month-old sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce in my lap, holding a potential weapon in his left hand. Stupidly, I didn't think anything of it. Don't even think I noticed the tines poking out of his death grip. Then our server showed up with the hot fudge sundae and in a swift, second-and-a-half instant, the little guy stood up, raised the fork, poked me in the eye, and dove straight for the cherry on top.

The server was horrified. Hubs was clueless. Big kid was focused on pouring the fudge and little kid had whipped cream all up in his hair. Me? I thought my life in color was over. Again.

Turns out he missed my eyeball by 15 millimeters.

Seems my left eye has nine lives. Knock on wood. Seven more to go.



desperate measures

I put November9 in an empty bath tub while I took a shower. Trapped him so he wouldn't get into trouble elsewhere. Then he turned on the water. Like a moth to a flame. So I asked or rather, begged, his brother to go in with him.

Me: Can you sit in the tub and keep DD company? You can still draw in there.

June29: But he'll bother me.

Me: It's okay. It's just for a few seconds. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???

The magic word really does work! I didn't even have to bribe him. Cleverly, I positioned him in front of the faucet to block N9's relentless efforts. As an added precaution, I kept tabs often by asking J29 - actually, it was more like shouting - what DD was up to.

Me: What's DD doing?!!

June29: Um...he's throwing the toys against the window.

Me: Okay.

...washing my hair...

Me: What's DD doing?!!

June29: Um...picking apart the letter sponges and stuffing it down the drain.

Me: Oh. GOOD.

...washing my feet...

Me: What's DD doing?!!

June29: Um...pumping the soap and putting it all over his clothes.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. I like to call it strategic thinking. Nevermind that I ran soaking wet naked out of the shower stall just to grab my camera and take the pictures. Nevermind that I took the damn pictures just for this damn post. At least my hair doesn't itch anymore.