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halloween 2012

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Bao was given an extraordinary opportunity to learn from an Olympian.

A local resident since he was a boy, he coincidentally attended Bao's elementary school and learned how to swim from the same swim school that Bao and DD go to.

For an hour, he paced up and down the lane as Bao swam lap after lap. He was encouraging and patient as he tweaked and corrected the most finite of details.

After the lesson, he encouraged Bao to take notes of all the pointers he had given.

And afterward, answered all the questions Bao had prepared.

My favorite one:  "Have you ever complained about swimming?"

He surprised us by taking out his Olympic medals:  the gold from Beijing and the silver from London.

The gold medal was embedded in the back with white jade!

Best of all, he allowed Bao to wear both medals! Wow!

This humble and amazingly down-to-earth Olympian not only gave Bao valuable swim tips, he told him to always set goals in life and never give up on his dreams, be it swimming or not. 

It was a once-in-a-lifetime hour, one that I hope Bao will treasure for the rest of his life.

And thank you, Coach Ray.




sunday morning

June 17.  9:57am.  Happy Dad's Day!

10:35am.  Stopped by the Japanese market and they had a board set up for customers to write messages to their dads. 


Father's Day one year ago.
Father's Day two years ago.



an hour

When I had my first child, a friend gave us a some advice: "Learn to cut your kid's hair yourself." It seemed an impossible task at the time, but seven years and countless Costco clipper sets later, Hubs has become quite the barber. Best of all, we've saved ourselves from dishing out quite a bit of moolah.

It's been one of the best pieces of parenting advice I've ever received.

Today was GG's first hair buzz cut.

Watching his brothers go first made his foray somewhat tolerable, though watching his face you'd think otherwise. He was not very happy.

But for his sake it was quick – the whole process was caught on the Flip in under two short minutes.

All those hours of practice and uneven haircuts has literally paid off.



sunday afternoon

May 13.   Mother's Day.