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January 22.  Chinese New Year's Eve.

 Happy New Year of the Dragon!



new wheels

After a couple more family outings like this one, the BW was just not cuttin' it. So we caved in and got DD a set of new wheels.

Big bro got one too.

Why didn't we do this during all those holiday sales?

I've never thought I'd pay so much for kids' bikes, but judging by their excitement and smooth rides, I have a feeling it'll be money well spent.



sunday morning

December 25.  Christmas morning bike ride.

9:07 am.  Getting ready to head out.

Our destination is Starbucks, the only place open for business and a 15 minute ride away.

9:18 am. Still riding around the neighborhood.

DD, our most stubborn and persistent of the bunch, refuses to get off his "motorcycle" and into the bike trailer with baby brother. This is seriously taking forever and at this rate - Big Wheels are all noise and no substance or velocity for that matter - we won't make it to Starbucks in time for dinner.

9:27 am. We've had enough.

After pleading: "DD, you need to help us prop GG up in the bike trailer before he topples over in there!"; reverse psychology: "Fine, DD, you can keel over from exhaustion while we ride away!" which definitely didn't work since he took that one as a challenge; and bribery: "DD, I'll give you $20" to which DD said, "Ummm. NO!" and Bao said, "Then I'll take it!"; we finally had to resort to threats: "OK, then let's go home. None of us can go!" which brought on a meltdown and gave me the opportunity to swoop him off the BW and into the bike trailer.

9:28 am. Mission accomplished. Now Dad is left holding the BW.

What coordination and strength, Baba!

9:29 am.  The split.

Fearing that the baby was going to lose it from sitting in the bike pit for so dang long, I told Po to ride ahead to our destination so that he can get Baby out before he ends up face planting into his brother's lap from lack of support in the trailer.

9:40 am. We arrive to our destination.

There they are in the distance waiting for Bao and me to arrive.

10:28 am. We finish breakfast and head home.

Since the return trip was mostly downhill, DD was ecstatic when he found out he could ride his BW back. 

The rest of the photos show DD pedeling away on his Big Wheel in the foreground and Bao and Po in the far distance. I bring up the rear for obvious reasons. Half the time I'm pedeling like Fred Flinstone to avoid crashing into DD.

10:40 am. Entering school grounds.

10:58 am. We arrive home.

The kid rode back the entire time on his BW all by himself. It took four times as long but he did it.

What can I say. DD showed me. And nary a complaint escaped his lips.

I guess the kids were not the only ones who got their fill of Christmas morning surprises. 



merry and bright

One of my top two favorite things about Christmas and is receiving holiday cards from friends and family. (My other top favorite is having Santa and Danny as our disciplinary aides.)

I love looking at the photos of each family and seeing how much the kids have changed from the year before. Any other time of the year, I don't really care to check the mail (unless I'm expecting a paycheck). But from December 1st to the 24th, I anxiously await the mailman's delivery with letter opener in hand, and get so excited to open the envelopes and unveil each card. 

I love how our foyer transforms into a shrine to all of our friends.

May your Christmas weekend be merry and bright!



ball pit