swim lesson

I'm a proud mama today. 

During his swim lesson, my three year-old – once fearful of dunking his head into the water – turned a corner.

He's figured out that dunking isn't so torturous.

That it can actually be kinda fun.

Just in time for our trip to Hawaii in a few days.

Go DD!



first bloom

I was once an orchid killer. I've off'd many over the years with my pitch black thumbs.

But I am an orchid killer no more. The first bud sprouted when Spring rolled around, and my first bloom appeared today. Its deliciously perfect purple face stared right at us during bath time.

And we couldn't help but stare right back.



spaghetti frittata

Tonight's dinner consists of the one rare dish my picky kids will actually devour and clean plate:  Frittata made with leftover spaghetti. 

I added sautéed veggies (red swiss chard, mustard greens, onions and garlic) in a soy sauce and chicken broth reduction, and topped it off with a mix of gruyère, chedder and parmesan. 

And because a new CSA box was delivered this morning – oh, the excitement of uncovering its contents! – I threw together a salad of organic lettuce, radicchio and Cara Cara orange wedges, sprinkled it generously with chopped pistachios (because everything tastes better with pistachios),

and tossed it lovingly with a lemon honey mustard vinaigrette – much to the protestation of my seven year-old who asked why he can't have it with Ranch dressing. Guess what recipe I'll be searching online for next?

Thus, resulting in a no-leftovers kind of meal. Yay!



lego trail



opening day 2012