This year, the arrival of spring came in the form of five eggs in an incubator. Did you know that it takes 21 days for an egg to incubate and hatch?

The kids waited patiently, checking each day for signs of new life.

Then sure enough on the 21st day, two eggs cracked and two chicklets emerged.

One of the chicks didn't make it past the second night.

The one that did made his new home under the loving and watchful gaze of 66 eyes.



random thoughts on a saturday

[by November3]

1. T-Ball team pictures at 8:15 in the morning is only awesome when your game isn't over a workday away at 4:30 in the afternoon.

2. You don't have to pay a lot of money to have a great breakfast - Original Pancake House is proof of that. Try the potato pancakes or the baked apple pancakes then I dare you to tell me what Pelican Hill or the Montage have to offer that compares.  Then consider you don't need to take a second mortgage on your kids' futures to eat there.

3. Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills is the greatest eatery secret in Orange County.  Practically hidden behind a Trader Joe's in a strip mall that's hard to find even when you've mapped it out three times over, you need to try the sausage and rice.  It would make my short-list of potential "last meal before execution."  Not that I ever plan on being executed.

4. Garmin makes the best sports-oriented GPS devices.  More importantly, even a complete moron can install and use them.  I'm living proof of that.

5. June29 and November9 are terrifyingly adorable.  When hungry, they are just terrifying.

6. Though she'll never admit it happens, I love it when November6 chooses her morning outfit to match mine. Like she did this morning.

7. Latest cool thing: how much November9 loves brushing his teeth.  Check that: I think he just loves eating kids' toothpaste.

8. Latest uncool thing: coming home and stepping straight into a miniature lake of your dog's pee.

9. I love it when Cal wins.  I love it beyond comprehension.  Mostly because it happens so infrequently. GO BEARS!


dog's view

So this is what it's like to be my dog.



age of innocence

Sometimes at school, my son is given notes from friends who happen to be girls. Crinkled papers filled with curlicues and hearts and words of affection, and handed over demurely to a shy yet eager recipient.

For kindergartners, this is the meaning of friendship. The innocence of youth in its purest form.

I wonder if I have it less stressful as the mother of boys. If he signs his name with "love" he is a sensitive, caring boy. If I had a girl I'd probably warn that such a word can't be used frivolously. In theory, it should go both ways but in reality I know it's just not so.

I want my boys to be gentlemen, to respect girls and boys the same. I also want them to be gracious, to be kind and reciprocate kindness. So I encourage him to write back. And he crafts letters that intimate the importance of their friendship by coloring intricate images carefully thought out. It makes my heart swell to see such an exchange between friends. I hope my son continues to give and receive with such candor, such unabashed tenderness. But I know one day it'll pass - whether on its own or with adolescence. When it does, it'll be okay. Because I will always remember.






After reading this, I just had to make the "perfect chocolate chip cookie". I have to say, it is pretty fantastic.

In honor of today, I added a little green.

Best of all, the easy batter yields over 70 two-inch cookies, the perfect two-bite size.

Enough to bring to school for the kiddos on leprechaun day.