sunday morning

June 17.  9:57am.  Happy Dad's Day!

10:35am.  Stopped by the Japanese market and they had a board set up for customers to write messages to their dads. 


Father's Day one year ago.
Father's Day two years ago.



an hour

When I had my first child, a friend gave us a some advice: "Learn to cut your kid's hair yourself." It seemed an impossible task at the time, but seven years and countless Costco clipper sets later, Hubs has become quite the barber. Best of all, we've saved ourselves from dishing out quite a bit of moolah.

It's been one of the best pieces of parenting advice I've ever received.

Today was GG's first hair buzz cut.

Watching his brothers go first made his foray somewhat tolerable, though watching his face you'd think otherwise. He was not very happy.

But for his sake it was quick – the whole process was caught on the Flip in under two short minutes.

All those hours of practice and uneven haircuts has literally paid off.



sunday afternoon

May 13.   Mother's Day.  




sous chef and dishwasher

The minutes leading up to dinnertime can be a stressful hour for families and ours is no different. While my 7 year-old can easily preoccupy himself and my 1 year-old is strapped into his highchair, my 3 year-old is the one who most often makes me want to dunk my head in boiling water. At his age, he can't sit still for more than three seconds, demands answers to his bizillion questions during the most inopportune times, follows me around like a puppy, and wants to "help" in every possible way.

So I put him in charge of the dinner-prep work.

And because I like to clean as I cook, I surrender my duties of washing the prep dishes to him, his favorite "job" of late.

It's hard but I resist the urge to, well, you know, fix it.


October 12, 2010's sous chef and secretary.