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which wood

Which would you choose? 

Nº 1 and 2 is what I'd call modern rustic. It's earthy, not too formal and so unique. Interestingly enough, the architects claim that the wall panels are the same as the floor panels:

Hi, the wood is simply a laminate flooring. I purchased this one through Decor Rug it is Super Natural Classic Laminate Flooring 8631 Castle Oak. It is not expensive and they have a good range of colours and tones. The flooring is glued and secret nailed to the wall as it would be to the floor and it looks fantastic!


This wood in Nºs 3-5 is stunning and exudes oodles of warmth, which is what we'd want our guests to feel when they walk into the house. However, I'm not a fan of too much grain or knots in the wood and I wonder if the photograph is muting those characteristics a bit. 


The dark walnut stain in Nº 6 is to die for. Dramatic and striking. It'd be my favorite except for the fact that it gives off a more formal vibe, and that's not really our style.


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