inspiration for a nook
Tue, April 29, 2014
lisa hu chen in design, house, inspiration board

Dear Mr. Tran,

This open and functional space will be the workhorse of the house. Meals, homework, school projects, design projects, meetings, drunkfests - it will serve a purpose for everyone.

The tabletop - Wood is desirable but we'll consider some non-wood materials such as zinc, stainless steel, or even some kind of durable laminate in a concrete-color finish. I love the zinc tabletop in Nº 2. Zinc is functional? (That's a question not a statement.)

The table legs - Trestle or pedestal legs are preferable so seating can be comfortable all around the table. Nº 4 with the two white tulip legs is pretty.

The bench seating - In Nº 5, I love how the cabinet meets the bench. It's seamless and flows from one space to the other, yet there is a definite separation that is fluid. In Nº 6, the separation of bench and cabinets is more clean, but there's something less sophisticated in its simplicity. There should be drawers underneath (another reason why the legs are important since I don't want to move the table back and forth to access the drawers). In Nº 5, I love how the drawers are square. Functional? Maybe not. But very pretty and unique.

Seating - As you know, I love the mixing of metals, woods and concrete. Metal wire chairs like this and this would be perfect. I love it. Po, not so much, but who cares, this is my board. A bench like this (with a cushion to match) can be used for the long side (to appease him) and wire chairs on the ends to appease me. If we go with the bench, let's go crazy and make two shorter benches instead of one long one!


Nº 3 can be found here. How about the legs in reclaimed wood (to match the shelves above the piano - I love that idea) and a zinc or concrete laminate tabletop?

Your Forever Indebted Friends,


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