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his first story book

June29 made and wrote his first book. All by himself. I wasn't home at the time but Lao Lao was. She said he disappeared for a bit (apparently to my room) and then proudly presented his creation to her when he was finished. When I came home he was standing at the front door, ready to read outloud the first - and so far only - chapter of his story book. Truthfully, I was blown away. And I don't think it was because he's my kid. Really, I was impressed. When I asked who helped him, he said he did it by himself - stacked two sheets of blank paper, folded them in half, stapled the edges for binding (here I drew in a breath) and wrote chapter 1.

Title: Me and DD and the Jagin [dragon]

June29 was pretty excited and proud of himself. He brought it to school that day to show Mrs. E and she asked him to sit in the "author chair" and read his story to the class:

One day DD and me were walking in a forest and we saw a dragon in the forest sitting in sadly. When we saw the dragin sitting in the tree we gave him some of the magic dragon fly a way. Chapter 1.

A beginning and an end. A perfect story.




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