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sunday morning

A blue sky after yesterday's rain. Photographed by June29.


February 28. The day after my surgery. My right cheek is the size of a euro square pillow. OK, not that big but it's definitely puffy. I'm not supposed to do much physical activity so I decided to take some pics of the boys in the backyard.

I have 4 boys* :: November3 who is a big boy at heart, dad to the others, and known to the world as "Po"; June29 who is my first-born (affectionately referred to as "Bao"); November9 who is the "DD" or baby brother; and our beloved 7-yo pound mix, Mantou or MT, named after the little white bun served with Peking duck. (As you can see, MT is neither little nor white nore bun-like.)

{UPDATED ON 01.28.11} Hooray! we've added a 5th boy:  January27 affectionately coined "Tiny" by his big brother or "GG".

It's a monthly tradition to take photos (I like headshots) of each of the boys on the day they were born. So, June29 gets his photoshoot on the 29th of every month (Feb 28 in this case) and November9 gets his monthly shoot on the 9th. It's a good way to stay on top of it and keep the photos current. It's not so good on my G5 storage.

This morning was a beautiful day so I thought it'd be a great time to introduce the boys to all my (non-existent) readers out there.

June29 :: born 2004. kindergartner. artist. swimmer. tee ball player. reader. baker. loves to play with DD.

November9 :: born 2008. toddler. signs. ball thrower. climber. singer and groover. loves to follow Ge-Ge.

Most of the time spent in the backyard was playing with MT who is obsessed with balls. Any and every kind. Which is not a good thing when your toddler is ball-obsessed as well and likes to try and stick his fingers in his mouth after each throw.

I said try.

I figure there are so many good things to come out of my new blog (which, seeing how much time I've spent on this already, is quickly turning into an obsession):

  1. I can send it to Ah-Gong, who is currently in Tainan, for his weekly grandson fix.
  2. I can procrastinate on all those empty sage green Martha Stewart albums I have stacked in my closet ready to fill lovingly with vacation photos and photo corners, school photos and artwork, ticket stubs and souvenirs.
  3. I can procrastinate even more on creating all those Photoworks albums for June29 and November9. Those annual albums cleverly titled: A Year in the Life. One per year of their life. Those beautiful, coffee-table-worthy albums filled with oversized closeups and carefully arranged triptychs. Amateur photos taken by a wanna-be photographer (that'd be me) bleeding off the pages with cute captions commemorating each precious moment of their lives. Who has time for that stuff?
  4. I can be another designer-turned-mom-of-young-kids-turned-late-night-blogger-turned...Ah, the good life. I used to wonder how great their lives must be to have the time to write so much, and in such detail, and with such pretty photos! Now, I realize they probably don't have the time but do it because it's fun, it's addicting and it's therapeutic to boot.

So this is a good compromise, whether temporary or not. I'll still have those stacks of albums in my closet and I'll still have those digital photos organized in folders by month and age. They're not going anywhere.


*For privacy purposes, I refer to my boys by their blog aliases or nicknames and not by their real names.

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