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finding the unexpected

I am in recovery. This morning I had dental surgery. For 4 hours my jaw felt like a construction site - I was jackhammered, drilled, pounded on and poked at. Oh how I wish I were knocked out. The sounds were frightening to say the least. There's nothing like listening to someone pound away at your teeth as if you were a plywood plank.

Twelve hours later, the right side of my face is swollen, my jaw is sore and my mouth is tender. So what do I find myself doing? Writing my very first blog entry. Who would've thunk? The best part by far has been designing my very own page (and the page of the Occasional Blogger: November3; we share everything). Nevermind that it's taken me hours to figure things out and to get it just right. Nothing could be more satisfying than figuring things out and getting it just right.

All along I said I'd never have time to blog - no, prided myself on it - and now it seems I have all the time in the world. I am in recovery after all.

My boys keeping me company as I restfully recover...

...or are they?

(If you look really closely you can see my swollen right cheek.)


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