the world's most awesome eats

wifey's pasta pie

mom's tonkatsu

rick & ann's midwest

globe's frisee salad

in 'n out burger animal style

wifey's apple filo tart

kirala's green tea tempura ice cream

break of dawn's sausage & eggs

ella's chicken hash

vi's pho tai extra large w/ extra meat

charlie palmer's fries and blood orange mojito

lappert's in sausalito

just about anything at ortolan or restaurant gary danko

brunch at navio, the ritz at half moon bay

pork chop lunch w/ egg at thanh

globe's double cut pork chop

bock or a brat at top dog on durant

stuffed chicken pizza at zachary's

town hall's butterscotch pot de creme

lark creek inn's butterscotch pot de creme

shiro's large deep fried catfish in ponzu sauce

bert & rocky's in claremont

cafe r&d's french dip sandwich with fries

riso gelato in florence

fat slice veggie pizza

just about any sundae from ghiradelli's in sf

fukada's katsu-don w/ cold soba combo

kitayama's lobster hand roll

wifey's pulled chicken tetrazzini w/ cranberry salad

dorito's - the original

togo's large #9

mcdonald's filet o' fish w/ fries

carl's jr western bacon cheeseburger w/ fried zucchini

bk chicken sandwich cut in half

the counter's fries and banana/peanut butter shake

original pancake house's baked apple pancakes

meat, meat, and more meat at shik do rak

sea salt coffee w/ coffee jelly at 85ºC

gelato paradiso's limoncello gelato


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