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holiday 2010

Our holiday cards this year were letterpress printed by the ever amazing Rori at Paper Monkey Press.



anabelle's birthday


faith's fiesta


nicole's bridal shower

Nicole's bridal shower took place at The Wedding Pantry which served as the perfect setting for an intimate, low-key party. If you're in Southern California and are getting married, The Wedding Pantry is definitely worth a trip; Eva, the owner and founder, is fantastic.

The color theme incorporated black, white, hot pink and a splash of gold - the perfect combination for the always fashionable and über-stylish Nicole.

Guests were greeted with mimosas, raspberry lemonade and "Nicole Loves Duc" water bottles.

Food was catered by the talented Shelly of Twinkle Bites, who created a menu that included Italian Stuffed Mushrooms, Crab Salad and Endive, Chicken and Grape Salad Sandwiches, Fig and Prosciutto Mini Tarts and Vanilla Panna Cotta.

The panna cotta (cleverly served in Spega jars) and prosciutto and fig tarts were amazing!

Each guest was asked to write some words of advice on matching cards which later would be bound in an album as a keepsake for the bride. We also played games including "Groom Trivia: How Well Do You Know the Groom?"

And had a contest to see which team would make the best "Crepe Paper Wedding Dress". Our trusty assistants served as models - one enthusiastically, the other not so much. Both were great sports!

Everyone went home with a Hot Cocoa Cone and a bag of homemade, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

The beautiful bride-to-be.



treasure hunt party

Our big boy celebrated his sixth birthday at the neighborhood park commonly referred to as "The Rock Playground." Like many park settings, there wasn't much decorating to be done, but these colorful paper lanterns added fun and flair, and were super affordable.

The food was made by the grandmas, catered by Shelly of Twinkle Bites,

and baked by Yours Truly. (I wish someone had told me earlier the ribbon was crooked.)

Instead of a cake, we baked chocolate cupcake cones for the kids, and mini vanilla cupcakes for the grownups. I used this vanilla buttercream frosting which was indestructible and held up beautifully under the hot sun. The holder for the cones was created from a large pizza box (picked up at the local pizzeria); we cut holes into the lid and decorated the side panels with artwork printed on sticky label paper.

The goodie bags were filled with chocolate rock pebbles, a rock candy stick, and a couple of sugar cookies in the shape of the birthday boy's face. "Goodies from me to you! Please recycle too!" were printed on the tags.

For the grand finale (and the only organized form of entertainment - love park parties), we plotted a treasure hunt around the park and designed a map with clues and Xs to mark the hidden treasures spots.

Of course, there were rules. What would a kid's game be without rules? We made a dummy map to explain how a treasure map worked, which included using a legend as a guide, and camouflaged the real clues with the birthday boy's face.

We led them to the spot and off they went-a-hunting.

The kids had a lot of fun (the tag-along grownups did too) and went home with stuffed velvet bags full of colorful gems, ancient coins, gold beads, river rocks and the surprise treasure: giant sparkling diamonds.

Psst!...Except for the coins, all the treasures were discovered in the Floral section of Joann's at very affordable, mom-friendly prices!

The babies didn't get to participate, but they were preoccupied anyway.

Next up for delivery: the thank yous.