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For Bao's Halloween class party (a.k.a. "Fall Fun Day"), the kids enjoyed rotating between four stations: craft, photobooth, game and a breakfast buffet.

At the craft station, the kids read a "Time For Kids" article about different cultures that eat bugs and insects, and made "dirt worm cakes" with chocolate muffins, chocolate buttercream, crushed graham crackers and gummy worms.

At the photobooth station with a homemade backdrop, the kids took pictures individually, with Mrs. Dyer and with groups of friends. As they waited for their photo op, they decorated satsuma tangerines with glitter glue and sharpies.

At the game station, they played Candy Corn Bingo.

At the breakfast station, they enjoyed a healthy breakfast of bagels, pumpkin muffins, fruit, oj, and personalized water bottles labeled "Have a Dyer-ific Halloween."

There were extra muffins, so DD and I build some dirt worm cakes, wrapped, tagged and passed them out as Halloween goodies bags to his preschool buddies. 

Though, I'm not sure the moms and dads appreciated it as much as his three year-old classmates did...

Happy Halloween!


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